Live Bait

Providing Top Quality Live Bait

Rainy Lake One Stop has long a longstanding tradition of providing top quality live bait. From the Golden Shiners to the Jumbo leeches you won’t find any better. We work hard to maintain the quality of our bait so it’s as lively as possible when you get to your favorite fishing spot. All the best fishing tackle and all the best live bait here at our Rainy Lake bait shop.
Live Bait is the mainstay of our business. Our retail bait counter is not tucked away in some corner. It’s right out front, ready for our clerks to assist you. We have 100% fresh water circulating though our tanks, no re-circulation here. Nothings too good for our minnows. Our leeches are tucked away in an room all of their own. They are kept at a cool 38 degrees. This leaves them in a dormant state waiting for your purchase. The Leech Room as we call it allows us to keep leeches late into the season when the other shops are long sold out of leeches. If it looks like our retail bins are low, don’t worry, as we continually refill our retail bins from our bulk tanks in the back room.
Crawler and Leech Cooler

Our JUMBO Leeches are JUMBOS

Ask any experienced Rainy Lake Angler. Because of our Leech room we typically have leeches late into the season when most shops are out! This makes us Rainy Lake’s live bait super store. Bulk Bait Heading out for the week – we sell by the gallon, pound or flat. DON’T FORGET TO STOCK UP ON YOUR FAVORITE FISHING TACKLE, WE HAVE ALL OF YOU FAVORITE FISHING SUPPLIES